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Concept Development

Strategic Creative Concepts,
Fast Turn-Around Time

We aim to be an integral part of your success by providing strategic creative concepts with total and customised solutions, and fast turn-around time.

  • We endeavour to cultivate an in-depth understanding of your business communication and design needs
  • We’ll consistently provide you with works of exceptional quality, as well as distinctive, comprehensive solutions

Brand-Design Guideline

Defined Brand Experience,
Snap Brand Recognition

We believe that a comprehensive Brand Guideline goes beyond marking out rules and regulations. It encompasses the brand’s story, while engaging emotions, and translating them into every item that carries the brand’s name.

We’ll develop sensible guidelines that set the parameters for the look and feel of the Brand—making the rules flexible enough in the creative application on multiple platforms, but rigid enough to keep your brand easily recognisable.


Dynamic Merchandise Designs,
Distinctive Branding Direction

All official branded merchandise proposed will be purposeful souvenirs, and designed to be a value-added item to heighten your total Brand experience.

Combining a strong understanding of brand identity, awareness of the latest trends and design disciplines that stands the test of time. We will conceptualise and define art packs, elements, colour ranges and the graphic directions of your branded merchandise—all of which will be presented in a series of slides, within a brand-merchandise plan Storyboard. Every slide will feature dynamic designs and distinctive creative elements that best reflect your Brand and objectives.

Premium Merchandise

Premier Quality Selection,
The Best-Negotiated Rates

Our merchandising services are sought-after by clients in favour of premium quality, and for the added cost-effective advantages we can deliver.

Highest quality & reliability:

  • We practice stringent selection of premium products
  • We pay attention to details, design, craftsmanship
  • We can secure the best-negotiated vendor rates due to the high volume orders from existing suppliers for our international clients


Product Sourcing

Proficient Sourcing Expertise,
Better Investment Returns

Proficient Sourcing Expertise,
Better Investment Returns

Upon approval of product designs, we’ll begin the planning and material sourcing process. The majority of our manufacturing networks are located in Asia—in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Vietnam. We have strong business leverage, a team of multi-lingual merchandisers with strong ties to suppliers, and successful track record for massive projects in the scale of Doha Asian Games, Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Bid, and Museum of Islamic Art, just to name a few.

Efficient sourcing system:

  • Constant two-way communication during the process
  • Tight management of timeline & quality assurance
  • Clarifying desired brand image & product packaging
  • Inspection of raw materials to build product samples
  • Ensuring aesthetic appeal and intrinsic brand quality
  • Adjustment of timeline & delivery plan based on the final approved samples and on-going requirements
  • Objectively aim to maximise return on investment

We welcome your visit during the process of sampling, production or packaging.

Production Management

Highest Quality Control &
Value-Added Services

Highest Quality Control & Value-Added Services

For efficiency and reliability, you may entrust us with production planning and management process. We are experienced in liaising with a wide network of manufacturers across Asia, and we practice stringent Quality Control (QC). Upholding excellence in all product development stages, till the final shipment.

Value-added services:

  • No additional cost to you for substandard products that are recalled
  • Business leverage: we secure the best-negotiated production rates
  • Seamless experience: we’ll prepare your documents in advance
  • Intellectual property covered, brand assets accurate reproduced

Retail Management

Identifying Retail Channels

We will work with you to identify and set up the best distribution channels to host your range of merchandise, provide your Point of Sales System and Security. This includes identifying suitable and strategic retail locations, your distribution partners and approach them on your behalf, eg. Duty Free Stores.

Our team of builders is highly innovative and experienced in all aspects of production from creative space planning and building methodology to effecient on-site installation and technical knowledge, where we will extend quality and life to your Brand Merchandise

Corporate Wear

Bespoke Corporate Wear,
Sharp Brand Identification

Bespoke Corporate Wear, Sharp Brand Identification

Branding through corporate wear provides accreditation of staff, volunteers and management—be it within an organisation or amongst the public in events.

Distinctive corporate wardrobe services:

  • We’ll custom-design based on brand guidelines
  • We’ll deliver functional, smart and stylish designs
  • We’ll caters to your staff’s various shapes and sizes
  • We’ll ensure key brand elements are incorporated

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Simple, Streamlined Process, Ensuring Timely Delivery

Your logistics are important because your final retail price is greatly influenced by various factors within the supply chain, including timely delivery. As your goods will move via several modes of transport, from the port of origin to a final port, a local logistics provider can help provide physical door-to-door operations.

Local logistics partner:

  • Our logistics services include moving, handling and storage of goods, services, information and financial assets within your logistics operation
  • You’ll experience a simpler, streamlined documentation process with a single liability system—and peace of mind